European Conferences


Trade Show / Conference

Feb 20-21

Plant Nutrition, Growth & Environment Interactions III | VISCEA

Vienna, Austria

Feb 21-24

Molecular Biology of Plants | MBP

Dabringhausen, Germany

Mar 1-4

Symposium of the German Horticultural Society | DGG

Osnabrueck, Germany

Apr 10-12

International Cannabis Business Conference

Berlin, Germany

May 8-11

EUCARPIA Genetic Resources

Montpellier, France

May 25-26

International State of the World’s Plants

London, United Kingdom

Jun 5-7

Plant-Based Vaccines, Antibodies & Biologics | PBVAB

Albufeira, Portugal

Jun 7-9

Irish Plant Scientist’s Association Meeting | IPSAM

Limerick, Ireland

Jun 19-22

Biotechnology of Plant Products | Green for Good IV

Olomouc, Czech Republic

Jun 21-22

International Conference on Plant Biology | ICPB

Vienna, Austria

Jul 16-20

International Horticulture Research Conference

East Malling, United Kingdom

Sep 5

UK Controlled Environment Users' Group | CEUG

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Sep 17-21


Kiel, Germany

Oct 4-6

International PhD School on Plant Development

Retzbach, Germany

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